bio_janet-richmond_v2Janet Richmond is an energy healer, radio show host, artist, speaker and international author.

Janet’s best selling booksCHOICES–Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprint and her latest book Soul Psychology: Our Journey Through the Human Kingdom Universeare available on Amazon.

Janet grew up in Connecticut. Having lost both parents as a toddler she grew up with crippling shyness, chronic anxiety and struggled with simple personal interactions.  Finding strength in education, she received her BA from the UNC at Chapel Hill, and an MBA from UCLA.  She founded her own business management company supporting herself as a single parent of two children. Then, in her thirties Janet discovered information and techniques that changed her life several times over! Janet studied and trained with gifted renowned Hollywood psychic and soul reader Joan Culpepper. In, 2006 Janet began a new career to teach and encourage others with what she had benefited from emotionally, physically and financially.

As a sought-after speaker Janet conducts workshops and seminars around the country. Her seminars inspire, motivate and transform people. Janet Richmond is the founder of Higher Self Voice.