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Soul Psychology: Our Journey Through the Human Kingdom Universe unfolds the concepts of the soul and the mind, in body and out, during your journey through the Human Kingdom. It shows how your partnership brought you to this lifetime and how you can use it to heal your life. In the same way that Freud pioneered psychology, the study of the human mind, the Higher Selves’ multilayered information offers soul psychology, the study of the human soul. What do you do when you’ve reached a desperate place where drastic measures loom in front of you? Many would look outside themselves for answers. This book explores the inward dimension of your soul and opens a powerful realm of help. The soul is a power player and partner to the mind of this life, a partner that seems unreachable since we cannot phone to ask questions. It does communicate but because we are unaware, we unwittingly ignore what it is telling us. Manifesting problems in life is how our soul “talks”. In between lives our soul decides what areas of dysfunction we want to heal and balance. Because we don’t remember the plan once born, when problems occur we feel helpless and afraid. Instead, we can view our problems as windows to awareness indicating our soul’s purpose and direction. This process is how the humanities evolve, one step, one life, one experience at a time. Together the Soul and the Mind can accomplish much. Alone each operates with one hand tied behind the back. When you listen to what your soul is telling you, you have the keys heal your life.






CHOICES–Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints
This book not only explains the crucial missing piece to the Law of Attraction, but also offers the simple tools that ANYONE can use to get real change in their lives.


The Neutralizing technique has provided overwhelming results in life for Janet and for so many others, allowing everyone to manifest the same dramatic and positive outcome.