“It cannot be emphasized strongly enough the beauty and purity and the perfection of who you really are. We have told you before and we will tell you again:


You are not your illness
You are not your financial condition
You are not your loneliness


Your true identity is not related to any experiences that go on around you.
– Higher Selves Quote


Good physical, mental and emotional health requires good balance. Any area in our life that is out of balance needs healing. This not only includes the physical body but also encompasses any area of life – financial conditions, relationships, states of mind, work patterns – that manifests in our outer reality and triggers emotions such as shame, fear, doubt, guilt, avoidance, disgust, pain, despair, grief, dissatisfaction, etc.

Not only will I take you through a powerful healing but you will also learn the tools to help yourself on your own.  I can help you resolve frustrating issues in your life that, despite all your prior efforts, remain unchanged.

What I offer you in my private sessions is a chance to tackle the issues or problems that are personal to you alone, and to tailor techniques and exercises to the specific goals you want to accomplish. It is a very effective way of using the 5th Dimensional information to the ultimate personal level – to you as the individual – to a very deep level.

I approach all personal or group sessions in a non-judgmental way. It’s not about finding out what’s wrong with you or discovering where your flaws are. Instead it is an empowering process that facilitates your own access to your inner core of strength, to remove layers of unwanted negative thoughts, habits and emotional responses and/or to help you find/express/expand the gifts and talents that are part of your very core. While no two people will every receive the same session (as each person’s goals are different), in general you can expect to receive:

  • Help in identifying and understanding any self-sabotaging patterns
  • Simple yet effective tools and exercises to assist you in neutralizing the negative patterns
  • The broader 5th Dimensional perspective on your personal issues
  • Soul Psychology insights in areas that are affecting you now
  • Deep healing on whatever is the over-riding issue/s you desire to work on
  • If it is a relationship problem, healing work will be done on all parties concerned
  • If the issue is a situation or condition in the life, healing work will be done on that as well

You are not limited. This healing work addresses any pattern that makes you unhappy. I sincerely hope that you will experience this private healing session in order to get the help you need! Email me at to ask ANY question you may have about the process and what you can expect from the session.