On Neutralizing and other Higher Self information

 “I’ve been doing the guided meditations you did on your show about a month ago, for guilt – removing old self-punishment patterns (poverty, being a victim, etc.). I’ve gotten a new job (that starts the end of next week), breaking the poverty pattern… I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! Everybody should do it! It REALLY works!!!!”

Angry, reactive and cynical = how I used to be. Optimistic, hopeful and conscious = what I’ve discovered I can be. Working with the Higher Self information = helping me become the real me.”
Craig, Glendale CA

On Choices

 “LOVE this book and through this, LOVE the work of Janet! When we begin to step away from our domestication and into our authentic power … life becomes simply AWESOME!!! The book looks at stepping into your power through simply and amazing steps. LOVE the neutralizing technique!!!”

“My theory on spirituality is that Universal laws should be easy, not complex. Advancing spiritually should be fun and not considered work. Janet Richmond and her Higher Self information follow this pattern.This book offers great perspectives that are easy to follow and to implement in your daily life. The meditation is simple. After a few times, I already had it memorized.Definitely worth reading and keeping as a reference. Janet also has a radio show on Blog Talk radio you can download and that is a natural follow through from here.”

“This book provides simple exercises for dealing with a person’s self-defeating patterns and behaviors, in a unique fashion that I’ve never seen before. It doesn’t just tell you to think positively about yourself (although it does show how to do that); it also shows how you can get rid of negative patterns and behaviors that may be interfering with any positive thinking that you may have already implemented.”

“Janet has written a fabulous book introducing everyone to the wisdom of the Higher Self information along with a practical guide to put these exercises into practice. It is flavored with her own personal wisdom, grace and understanding. This book is so powerful! You CAN make more enlightened choices!”
Lynne, Winnetka, CA

 On Soul Psychology

Very well written, could not put it down. The parts where Janet goes into detail as to how she went about attempting to heal her relationship with her mother is especially touching. It’s clear that she writes from a place of wanting to help others, especially with how many lengths she goes to “pay it forward” by trying to share the information that has helped her heal her own life with others in so many ways. A good read for those seeking to heal themselves as well as those seeking answers to the “big questions.”


Love this book. Clearly written and full of life examples that illustrate her understanding and approach to helping others improve their lives. Her direct approach and honesty in writing is refreshing.


On Janet’s private Healing Sessions

“I can’t even describe to you how I felt leaving your house after my session that day. The meditation was the first time I was able to go inside and really feel and see that light inside of myself. It was an extremely powerful experience. ”
Kayla, Los Angeles

 “A true and pure soul who has an incredible gift, Highly recommend, will be back. 5*****”

 “I called Janet for some help with deep issues and she responded by giving me a healing – actually 2 now. She calls them private sessions. I call them milestones. My friends have noticed my transformation as much as I have. Lorah, Woodstock NY

“There are many practitioners but few healers; you are an amazing healer.  I appreciate your ability, wisdom and kindness”.


On Janet’s Radio Show

“I just wanted to say that listening to your archived radio show has really made a difference for me, my business, my life, etc. And I’m spreading the word. One of my friends ordered your book, another is loving (and always looks forward to) listening to your radio shows (archived), and I tell many clients about your site as well. Life is great, my business is continuing to grow and flourish and I’m getting so many opportunities. So much of this big boost in my life is due to the conscious meditations. So thank you!”

“I just wanted to let you know, I have never experienced from a “radio ipod” recording anything close to a healing. But something happened when I listened a few minutes to you. I have to say, you’re onto something in your soul level connection and your VOICE is apparently doing instant karmic healings. I am grateful and will work with these two downloads, and thanks again.”
name witheld

“Hey Janet, I really love listening to your radio show- still on the March archives.. But I really do think it has brought me into focus with my business- I attended a 2-day entrepreneur workshop (got a ticket randomly for free!) and am now working with a business coach. I’m really psyched and am starting to have a clear vision of how I want my business to grow!”